The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a licensed programme, in the same way a drug is licensed to be used to treat a particular condition, to be given to a particular group at a prescribed dose.

To help implement the progamme, FNP has a number of 'Core Model Elements' which serve to guide and support all those involved from the clients to the nurses, supervisors and implementing agencies.

"Following a licenced programme
using a pre-defined set of guidelines
brings consistent delivery and great results."


These are the key ingredients of the programme and ensure that FNP is replicated fully to achieve consistent results as those proven to work in clinical trials.

The FNP programme also includes ways of measuring the degree to which some of the Core Model Elements are being achieved. These are known as the Fidelity Goals and are designed to be stretching and to enable the FNP teams, commissioners and provider organisations to measure their success and achieve continuous quality improvement in their delivery of the FNP programme.