The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme includes a framework for measuring how well the programme is being implemented in context of the Core Model Elements.  These are known as the ‘Fidelity Goals’ and cover core aspects of the programmes delivery and implementation. They are designed to be stretched and to enable the FNP teams, commissioners and provider organisations to measure the successful implementation of FNP and support continuous quality improvement in their delivery.

Fidelity Goals cover four main areas: recruitment and enrolment, retention of clients, amount of programme received (also known as dosage which is measured by visits), and programme content received (measured by the spread of content delivered in each of the programme's domains). The specific Fidelity Goals for each area are set out below.

Recruitment and enrolment

FNP achieves the following enrolment goals:

  • At least 60% of young mothers enrolled before 16 weeks of pregnancy and 100% no later than the 28 weeks
  • 100% of participants enrolled are first-time mothers, within the specified site age bracket
  • 75% of eligible young mothers who are offered the programme are enrolled
  • Each nurse enrols 25 families (or pro rata adjusted) within 12 months of recruitment commencing.
Retention of clients

Young mothers and families should leave the programme at no more than the following rates:

  • Cumulative programme attrition is 40% or less through to the child's second birthday
  • 10% or less during the pregnancy phase
  • 20 % or less during infancy phase
  • 10% or less during toddlerhood.

The amount of programme young mothers and families receive is as follows:

  • 80% or more of expected visits during pregnancy
  • 65% or more of expected visits during infancy
  • 60% or more of expected visits during toddler hood
  • On average, length of home visits with clients is 60 minutes.
Programme content

It is expected that the content of home visits reflects variation in developmental needs of the young mums and families across the programme phases (Pregnancy, Infancy and Toddlerhood), in line with the distributions below:


Personal Health 35-40%
Environmental Health 5-7%
Life Course Development 10-15%
Maternal Role 23-25%
Family and Friends 10-15%


Personal Health 14-20%
Environmental Health 7-10%
Life Course Development 10-15%
Maternal Role 45-50%
Family and Friends 10-15%


Personal Health 10-15%
Environmental Health 7-10%
Life Course Development 18-20%
Maternal Role 40-45%
Family and Friends 10-15%