Plymouth's pearly whites: FNP team joins dental students to improve oral health

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) team in Plymouth has recently championed a project by a group of dental students from Plymouth University. The project was part of the Inter Professional Engagement programme, which asks students to undertake projects in the community to raise oral health awareness and improve access to dental care.

As part of their work, students trained the team and shared a handy information pack that focussed on the care of milk teeth. The pack included flash cards which could be taken on home visits to help educate young mums about the importance of healthy teeth, which have now been shared nationally across the programme.

Abigail Nelder, FNP Quality Support Officer from Plymouth, said: “Our family nurses learned a lot from their work with dental students last year and it is an indication of the quality of their project that the flash cards can be used by the FNP Programme around the country. The students should be proud of this achievement, and we are delighted to have been able to work with them and the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise to help bring it about.”

In a separate collaboration, funding has been obtained to carry out a long term research project between the university and FNP Plymouth. This research project will aim to address the national crisis in oral health, especially in socially deprived areas, where it is most likely children will need teeth removed under general anaesthetic. A way in which a dental nurse can link with young mums receiving the programme will be developed in order for them to receive home visits, support, encouragement, and the necessary materials to protect their child’s teeth.

To read more about the project, visit the Plymouth University website.

The Plymouth FNP Team with Plymouth University's students and Strategic Lead for Community Engagement.