FNP edition of the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education

For its winter edition, the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education (IJBPE) focussed entirely on FNP, featuring a number of interesting articles written by members from the FNP National Unit, the wider FNP workforce working day-to-day to deliver the programme. The edition was also contributed to by other academics, to share an international perspective of FNP in other countries. 

The edition is introduced by IJBPE Editor, Mary Nolan, who suggests ‘doing nothing is not an option’ when it comes to improving FNP, and considers the benefits the programme can have on young families, society and the wider economy. In addition to discussing the recent RCT publication and thoughts following this, the journal also explores other topics such as the therapeutic relationship between family nurses and mothers, the wider FNP workforce and the exceptional work they do, the graduation process and saying goodbye to the programme, and how the programme is delivered in different ways in different countries. 

To download a copy of the journal for a small subscription fee, please visit the IJBPE website. You can also order hard copies online.