Public Health Minister 'deeply impressed' by FNP

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is committed to transforming the life chances of the most vulnerable children, young people and families in our society.

This work has been supported by the Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison, who said:

“Family nurses are already making a difference to families up and down the country and I continue to be deeply impressed by the way in which local teams work with vulnerable families to develop a trusting and respectful relationship to help improve the life chances of both mums and babies." 

FNP Next Steps aims to improve and adapt the FNP programme in England, while continuing to offer a strong evidence-base and positive outcomes in relation to safeguarding, child development and maternal self-efficacy.

The Minister went on to say: “I believe an adapted FNP can make a real contribution to tackling some of the serious public health challenges we face in society, for example maternal and child obesity, and look forward to working with the FNP National Unit and wider stakeholders to ensure these adaptations make a difference.”

Welcoming the Minister’s statement, Ailsa Swarbrick, Director of the FNP National Unit said:

“I am delighted at this acknowledgement of FNP’s important role in prevention and early intervention, and the Minister’s support for our ambitions to develop and improve FNP even further.

FNP offers a powerful combination of excellent clinical practice by skilled family nurses, a trusting and respectful relationship which helps enable parents and babies to reach their full potential and achieve high aspirations, a respect for robust evidence and a desire to use it well to support ongoing improvement. We will build on these foundations and work closely with young families, nurses, local leaders, academics and other experts as we take forward FNP Next Steps.”

To find out more about FNP Next Steps, please visit the dedicated web page