During pregnancy

Once your baby is born


  • From Bump to Breastfeeding - a set of helpful films by Best Beginnings from mothers about their breastfeeding journeys. It gives useful information on the benefits of breastfeeding and tips for new mums. 

Immunisations and medicine 

  • NHS Choices, Vaccinations - this page gives advice and guidance on what immunisations babies and children need. The page also features a handy calendar to help you plan GP visits and keep up to date with the schedule. 
  • NHS Choices, medicines for babies and children - Medicines aren't always needed for minor illnesses like coughs and colds. However, if your child does need a medicine, it's important they have one that's right for their age and you know how to give it to them safely - this page covers several key topics, including, antibiotics, taking your babies temperature and ibuprofen/paracetamol advice.


  • NCT, parenting - Life as a new mum or dad is exciting, challenging and tiring. Here you can find articles about life with your baby or toddler including feeding, sleeping, health and development, communication and baby care basics.

Safe Sleeping 

  • The Lullaby Trust - The Lullaby Trust raises awareness of Sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies and offers emotional support for bereaved families. It also has information on swaddling and wrapping your baby so they are safe to sleep. 

Looking after you

Mental health


  • Shelter, advice on housingUseful information and advice on how to claim housing benefits, council housing and homelessness. 


  • Eatwell guide - A useful chart showing the types of food you should be eating each day to help you have a balanced diet. 

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