Knowledge and Skills Exchange enables Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) teams to build local capacity, reach more people and improve cost-effectiveness by sharing their skills and knowledge with other services. 

Learning packages and guidance developed by the FNP National Unit are available for FNP teams to download and deliver to other professionals in their local area. Content currently covers:

  • Improving communication between clients and practitioners
  • Parent-child attachment
  • The adolescent brain
  • Engaging marginalised clients

In the first half of 2018/19 FNP teams across England offered Knowledge and Skills Exchange sessions to more than 1,800 other professionals in their local areas, including health visitors and children centre workers.

Find out whether FNP is available in your area and contact your local team directly to find out if they can support you with workforce learning sessions on these topics.

We'll be developing more learning packages in the future.

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