Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a preventative service

It enables young parents to reach their full potential and, through the support it offers - a long-term therapeutic relationship, focusing on clients’ strengths but challenging constructively where necessary - helps to break patterns of negative behaviour and reduce the likelihood of families needing help from other public services.

Potential costs avoided through FNP include:

Foster care (local authority):          £579 per child per week

                                                   £15,054 for six months

                                                   £30,108 per year

Residential care (local authority):   £3,239 per week

                                                  £84,214 for six months

                                                  £168,428 per year

FNP teams work very closely with the health and social care services in their area, helping to both reduce the number of clients who need immediate support from those other teams and, in cases where support IS necessary, ensuring that this is received quickly and effectively.

In addition, to help improve integration, increase local capacity and impact and improve cost-effectiveness, FNP offers a Knowledge and Skills Exchange, which supports the sharing of FNP methods, approaches and learning between services.

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