Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is delivered in around 80 areas across England. Each local team is made up of specially trained family nurse supervisors, family nurses, and quality support officers.

Family nurse supervisors are experienced and highly skilled health professionals who also receive extensive additional training from the FNP National Unit. They lead the local team: providing supervision to their nurses, incorporating formative, restorative and normative elements, ensuring safeguarding of clients and their children; developing the learning of the nurses in their team; and engage and build positive relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. Importantly, they also carry a small caseload of clients.

Like supervisors, family nurses are experienced, qualified nurses who undergo extensive additional training. Family nurses visit their clients at home, following the FNP visit guidelines and using the programme theories, their learning, professional knowledge and judgment to individualise them to the strengths and challenges of each family, apportioning time across defined programme domains. They carry a maximum caseload of 25 clients.

Quality support officers are responsible for a wide range of administrative and data management functions. They work with the supervisor to ensure all client data it is up to date, and that relevant reports are compiled on time. Quality support officers also create and manage resources and work directly with a range of FNP stakeholders. 

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