Since 2007, across the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) community:

  • We have worked with over 37,500 families

  • We have delivered over 1.2 million home visits

  • 33,500 FNP babies have been born

And we’ve delivered amazing outcomes for our clients:


What young parents tell us:

'I can honestly say that without Cheryl doing what she did I wouldn’t be here - she saved my life and I am eternally grateful to her.' Xanathia

'Being a mother should make you feel invincible not invisible' Fateha

'I wanted a different future for my son, unlike the one I experienced, and I’m proud to say I’m working towards that. However, I doubt that any of this would've become a reality without my family nurse.' Sara

'I’m now working as a carer and I am really proud of myself, for not only having a baby, but continuing to work through it. I know I couldn’t have done all of this without my family nurse – Lita has been my rock throughout my journey with Stanley.' Pauline

'It’s thanks to FNP that I managed to find myself again, and I think without the programme (and my baby, of course), I would never have realised what it is that I really wanted to do.' Safia

Watch Amelia's story on how FNP made a difference to her life, told in her own words



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