Ailsa Swarbrick, Director FNP National Unit (2012-2020) reflects on her time with FNP and what she learned as the ADAPT project was taken forward.

Lorette Runacres, Supervisor, FNP Bromley relates how keen here team were to get involved in the ADAPT project as it expanded in 2018, and shares her advice for other FNP teams who are about to begin their journey to personalise FNP for their clients

Norma Wilby, Family Nurse, FNP Cambs and Peterborough talks about what it has felt like to deliver a more personalised FNP.

Megan Wordsworth, Family Nurse, FNP Tower Hamlets describes being part of an evidence-based programme that has always evolved to meet the needs of its clients.

Sara Burns and Anna Good, Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise explain how the New Mum Star was developed and piloted for FNP.

Lindsay Andrews, Clinical Quality Lead - Safeguarding and Supervision, FNP National Unit describes the vital role played by clinical supervision in delivery of the FNP programme

Debbie Watson, Assistant Director of Population Health, Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission writes about the value of commissioning services that use relational and strengths-based approaches.

Clare McKenzie, Senior Public Health Commissioner - Children, describes how the FNP programme delivers value as part of a mixed set of services offered to vulnerable families in the London Borough of Hounslow.

Daisy Townson, Supervisor FNP Hounslow, writes about how her team of family nurses makes a difference as part of a wider ecosystem of commissioned health and social care provision.

Sarah Tyndall, Clinical Quality Lead, FNP National Unit, discusses the challenge of improving domestic abuse outcomes for children and families.