FNP teams help build local workforce capacity by engaging in learning and service development  

Learning packages cover foundational knowledge and skills used by family nurses in their practice. ​These resources are used by FNP teams to share learning with other health and care professionals and provide valuable opportunities to exchange best practice.

FNP learning packages are developed, revised, and updated by the FNP National Unit to reflect changes in evidence and practice. Together, these packages enable FNP teams to maximise their contribution to local systems and support dissemination of evidence-based practice. 

There are currently five learning packages:   


Local FNP teams also have access to a service development toolkit which can be used in conjunction with the learning packages so that practice and implementation build on each other.


   The service development toolkit enables FNP teams to work collaboratively
   within local systems to enhance or develop new pathways or services for
   vulnerable families.



Positive feedback about workforce development sessions:

It was so useful to learn about how the brain develops and which parts develop at different stages/ages, and I really liked the additional tools that were used. As a result of the training, I will use more open questions and remember the impact of brain development on teenage behaviour.
            - Manager, Children in Care team


“I would definitely recommend this training to other people. The use of role playing in the training is really good and makes it easier to apply to ourselves and to relate to it.”
            - Support worker


“Spreading such important knowledge and skills can have a real long-term impact within workforces. Client-centred approaches, and positive attitudes to young people, can make services more effective and acceptable to the young people we, as a healthcare community, are all working with.”
             - Family nurse, FNP Dudley


By using learning packages and the learning from implementing the FNP programme, FNP teams are helping develop local workforces by supporting fellow health and care professionals in their work.


Developing local workforces:

In 2018/2019 FNP teams delivered 205 workforce development learning sessions to 3,192 colleagues working in health and social care, comprising:

  • 858 health visitors                                                                  

  • 299 school nurses

  • 281 midwives

  • 62 voluntary agency workers

  • 1,692 other professionals, including people working in local authorities and in multi-disciplinary groups

Contact your local FNP team directly to find out how they can support you with workforce learning. Find out if FNP is available in your area

Email us to find out more about FNP-delivered workforce development in your area FNPNationalunit@dhsc.gov.uk