Commissioning and providing Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) in your area will improve the life chances of first-time young parents and their children by breaking the cycle of disadvantage. FNP:


  • Focusses on the six early years high impact areas - transition to parenthood, maternal mental health, breastfeeding, healthy birthweight and nutrition, managing minor illness and reducing accidents, and supporting child development.
  • Supports mothers to build self-efficacy, helping them to get back into education, employment or training.
  • Improves child health and development (e.g. school readiness) and early education outcomes: particularly for boys, for the children of very young mothers and for mothers not in education and employment in pregnancy.
  • Delivers the Healthy Child Programme to first-time young mothers.
  • Helps young parents to access and engage with other local services.
  • Helps to identify safeguarding issues and works with young families alongside social workers when children’s social care intervention is needed.

Our outcomes include:

  • 64% of FNP clients initiate breastfeeding 

  • 81% of FNP babies meet the same developmental milestones as their peers at fourteen months 

  • 92% of FNP babies up to date with immunisations at six months 

To find out more about commissioning FNP in your area, please email us.


Hear from a local commissioner on commissioning FNP

We were very clear that FNP needed to be a core part of our offer - Clare McKenzie, Senior Public Health Commissioner – Children, London Borough of Hounslow

The value of relational and strengths based approaches in commissioning services - Debbie Watson, Assistant Director of Population Health, Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission

Learn about how a local FNP team works with their commissioner

Building trust, understanding and shared aspirations - working hand in glove with our commissioner - Daisy Townson, Supervisor, FNP Hounslow  


The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) has published updated guidance on commissioning the Family Nurse Partnership programme (FNP). This replaces the former FNP service specification.

Cost effectiveness 

How FNP saves money in the short and long term

Graduating from FNP 

Saying goodbye and moving forward

The programme

Theories that underpin FNP

Demonstrating Impact

How FNP makes a difference to local communities