FNP in numbers: A celebration of 2016

It’s been a busy and exciting year for the Family Nurse Partnership in England, with new developments for the programme. Teams up and down the country have continued to deliver exceptional work with thousands of young mums, dads and babies. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the whole FNP Community with a celebration of all our collective achievements in 2016.*

  • 155,577 overall FNP visits delivered this year across England.
  • 15,355 families worked with in a year.
  • 4,984 babies born over the past 12 months to FNP parents.
  • 2,526 families graduated from FNP this year.
  • 632 Family Nurses, 145 Quality Support Officers/Administrators, and 127 Family Nurse Supervisors working tirelessly to deliver FNP up and down the country.
  • 91.7% infants in the FNP programme overall with up-to-date immunisation at six months.
  • 57.5% FNP clients initiating breastfeeding.
  • 15 new blogs on a range of topics from across the FNP community, including: blogs from clients like Chloe; pieces related to ADAPT on both the clinical adaptations and personalisation; and some that focus on key aspects of the FNP programme, such as including fathers, the role of engagement and sexual health.
  • 11 FNP sites involved in ADAPT, helping us to develop and test 6 clinical adaptations to the FNP programme (smoking cessation, breastfeeding, domestic violent and intimate partner violence, maternal and perinatal mental health).  All sites have also helped to solidify our thinking about how we can effectively test personalisation.
  • 9 days at venues around the country bringing FNP commissioners and providers together with FNP National Unit colleagues at regional events in Durham, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and London.  Feedback gathered at these events is helping to shape thinking about how we develop the FNP programme and our wider offer in new and exciting ways through FNP Next Steps.
  • 7 FNP sites working with the FNP National Unit to complete the KSE implementation project – a new initiative to help share FNP learning across local workforces, part of FNP Next Steps.  As part of this project, we’ve launched 4 Knowledge & Skills Exchange learning packages (available now in all areas commissioning FNP), focusing on some of the evidence-based methods used within FNP: Attachment; The Adolescent Brain; Communication Skills; and Engaging Marginalised Clients.
  • 2 new and improved data tools for FNP sites. This includes the ASQ Impact and Improvement Tool to help FNP teams explore progress in supporting child development; inform quality improvement strategies and demonstrate the impact of FNP in your local area. We also made improvements to the FNP site-level data dashboard to enable teams to understand and effectively interpret data.

In 2017, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch of FNP in England and training our 11th Wave of FNP nurses and supervisors. 

*Client data and outcome percentages were collected from the FNP Data Dashboard from 1 December 2015 to 30 November 2016.