House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee inquiry:The first 1000 days of life


We submitted evidence for the Health and Social Care Committee inquiry; The first 1000 days of life. In the submission we have highlighted four keys areas we believe are important to focus on in public health prevention in pregnancy and the first years of life:

  • A public health focus, that encompasses mental and emotional health, physical health and social and environmental factors

  • Robust, secure and forward thinking funding underpinned by a national strategy

  • Different approaches to evidence that should be developed and used

  • A commitment to learn more about the function, form and quality of service user/practitioner relationships

We draw on over 40 years of robust US evidence and over 10 years of leading high quality delivery and adaptation of FNP across England. The National Unit leads delivery of the FNP programme, which currently operates in over half of local authorities across England.
Our vision is that every baby, child and young parent can thrive, fulfil their aspirations and contribute to society. Our submission also explains the potential impact that ADAPT, the innovation and adaptation work FNP is co- developing with local teams, could have on developing new forms of evidence as well as on improving FNP outcomes and flexibility. 

You can read our full submission here